ELI 380

ELI 380

Simple. Secure. Connected. The ELI 380 ECG is designed to streamline your workflow and help make exams more efficient in high-volume environments.

The ELI 380 ECG is designed to make your overall exam experience more efficient for improved patient care. Simplify your workflow by decreasing the time needed to perform an exam, while increasing data accuracy and delivering secure EMR connectivity. Here’s how it works.

You can download your most recent list of patient orders, use the barcode workflow to confirm patient name and demographics, and then match to the proper order. The Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM™) provides untethered ECG capture to make exams easier for you and more comfortable for patients.

The ELI 380 ECG is powered by the VERITAS® ECG interpretation algorithm—the same algorithm used by the FDA in new drug trials—so you can feel confident in your data. Plus, “Best 10” technology allows you to capture the cleanest 10 seconds of data during an exam.

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